Big Sur – Pfeiffer State Park, CA

Here’s a sneak peak into how my head works sometimes!  This is a work in progress and I’ll keep updating it until I get the logistics nailed down. The primary purpose of the trip can be found here: Sierra Club Big Sur Service. We have built in a few days at the end of the trip to enjoy the bay area.  We have most of Friday and all day Saturday to be tourists.

For those that are new…the crossed out bits are stuffs I’ve already dealt with, pondered over, or sorted out.  Today’s highlights are in green!  These latest updates are the result of me spending all day Sunday in virtual SF (as opposed to the pollen-soaked out doors here in GA).  So much so, that while watching a television show later in the week, I immediately recognized a SF landmark and thought “Oh, I’ve been there”  … NOT! LOL!   

  • I’ve decided (almost certainly perhaps) that we are renting a car.  I am trying really hard to reconcile this with the whole purpose of the trip in the first place. The logistics of getting to our mandated meeting time/place make public transport a challenge on a Saturday in March.  No luck yet on carpooling.
  • See, how that works!  Turns out that Kathy lives five minutes from SFO airport and is looking for carpoolers!  For the cost of lunch and maybe a bit of gas, we now have a ride to the park and back (if we want it!) So relieved!
  • Had considered sticking around in Monterey for a day on the return trip but the logistics are again a challenge.  With a rental car we have a choice – spend a full day in Monterey or head straight back to SF and find a hostel?
  • Flights – check. Even secured a tentative ride to the airport. 
  • Lodging on arrival – check: USO is 24 hrs with cots and refreshments.  Showers at Freshen Up! open at 7am.
  • BART to meet our carpool driver. 
  • Nothing left to do (for the outbound leg) but pack and go!  

Elements to consider:

  • Six nights of sleeping in tents and taking camp showers.
    • The Fisherman’s Wharf Hostel will seem like a palace, I’m sure!  Lodging for only $30 pp/night in view of the Golden Gate Bridge?  Who knew?!?
  • Six days of laborious trail maintenance in the park.  Been doing a lot more walking this week, but not nearly enough!  
    • Hoping we are not too beat and blistered to do some self-guided touring of SF, but I did load a few apps to the phone to help with public transport in the area!  Oh, and I loaded up on moleskin, too!  
  • Lugging our gear everywhere we go in SF (no baggage lockers that are open extended hours) DOH! Lightbulb moment!!  We can mail our camping  gear and extra stuff back so we lighten the load for our Friday/Saturday excursions!  Genius!
    • The hostel will hold our bags in locked storage all day after check out.  Our plans for Saturday night bring us back to Ft. Mason near the hostel.  No lugging AND no postage!
  • Underage kid in tow  – is SF after dark suitable and worth the effort to get back there on Friday evening?
    • Found a great improv group, Bats Improv, that has a family-friendly performance on Friday night and the Sea Chanty singalong for Saturday.  Corny, but fun!  And unlike the evening Alacatraz tour, neither of these is likely to sell out before we get there!
  • Will a day or even a day and a half be too much or not enough in SF?  It is what it is, we’ll make the most of it!
    • Cool thing is that both of us are perfectly content to do nothing…but we usually just slow our pace before anything that drastic happens!
  • Shouldn’t we hit Monterey for even just the afternoon since we are driving right through it?
Back at home:
  • Kitties are all taken care of.  A friend of kiddo’s will be looking in on them and dosing the daily meds.  Helpful that she works in a vet’s office and is off to Veterinary school in the fall!

Follow at your own risk….Your comments and suggestions are most welcomed!

Are ya coming with me?

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