So there I was, nekkid … in the shower…

No, this isn’t THAT kind of blog.  Just a nod to an old Navy pal that always had a colorful way to start a story. This particular starter was followed by his retelling of how, while living in the barracks of Diego Garcia, a spider had come to visit at a very inopportune moment.

My story isn’t that entertaining.  The morning started like any other mid-week workday.  I’d recently been doing some soul searching and had made a few decisions about my own future and was actually feeling pretty good about everything.  Then, as I was in the shower, pondering my day it hit me:  MY SON IS GRADUATING AND GOING TO MOVE OUT AND START HIS OWN LIFE!

I was done in for the rest of the day. I have known since the day I became aware of him that this would happen.  I have worked my tail off for the last 17.5 years preparing him for exactly this event.  Yet somehow, over the past few months as I wrapped my head around my own plans for the future I was able to ignore this.  Thankfully I was home alone in the shower when reality came crashing in and no one was around to hear the sobbing or to witness the blubbering mess I turned into.

I’m not the first mom to go through this, and I won’t be the last.  Although, among my particular circle of friends, I’m the only single mom to an only child so while there is compassion and sympathy among my peers there isn’t anyone that really gets it.  Most of them have younger kids to tend to, or spouses to lean on, or have been there and done it.  It doesn’t help my case much that while most of my friends and peers are staying put and waiting for their kids to come home on breaks I will be sending my kid post cards from far-away places and Skyping with him during airport layovers!  I will mourn the loss of what we have now, but I will not bury myself in it.  I will always be there for my son, but he will have to pay attention to know where “there” is!  I do not regret one minute of the last 17.5 years but I am SO looking forward to the future…for both of us!  But that doesn’t mean I won’t break down in the middle of the grocery store every now and then for seemingly no reason.

How did you (or do you expect to) manage your “Empty Nest” issues?

Are ya coming with me?

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