Deconstructing the nest…

When you google “Empty Nest“, you get pages upon pages of blogs, forums, psychology journal entries, and musings about how dreadful it is when your kid(s) leave the nest.   And admittedly, the thought of sending my kid off into the big scary world is a little unsettling – but not because he’s ill prepared or too naive or any of that.  It means I’m old!  It means all my work will be tested and judged.  And it means I lose total control of his actions on a day-to-day basis.  Let’s face it, that’s the real reason any of us dread this day!

David and Veronica, the Gypsynesters, have been a great source of inspiration and validation that my desire to deconstruct the nest isn’t totally whacky!

I’m starting slow – don’t want kiddo to get a complex, or realize that I’m almost as excited about his leaving as he is!  But the moving boxes are accumulating, the donations of stuff to our local ReStore, are increasing, and we’ve even started consigning stuff at our local shop, the Ritzy Roost, to pad the coffers!

But it isn’t just the physical stuff we’re working on.  I am slowly but surely trying to let go of the control.  Kiddo just got up, said he was going to hang out with friends, and I really really really tried hard to not give him the third degree.  I only asked two questions…down from four or five.

So I’m getting there.  Slowly.

Are ya coming with me?

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