Turning point

I know now that I am committed to this plan – committed to giving up all the trappings/comforts (depending on your viewpoint!) of home for the unknown adventures that await.

Having recently been presented with an otherwise ideal opportunity to plant myself somewhere new and do something I know I could succeed at, I found myself flattered and intrigued but in the end, not interested.  After a few days of exhilaration and excitement at the prospect of this opportunity to live and work in a part of the country I have often thought of moving to, I realized that I would be passing up the very opportunity I had cultivated for myself over the past six months.  My reply to skeptics and supporters both has been that “I don’t necessarily have the means, but I have the opportunity to just go and do as I please for a while…”

Rachel Denning, a BootsnAll blogger recently posted this blog Why You Should Forgo the American Dream and Let Travel Transform Your Life

 But doing what was logical wasn’t what was in our hearts. Instead we were dreaming of the illogical and unreasonable – the impossible – traveling the world with our children; learning together from personal experiences; studying languages and cultures; encountering history and customs first-hand.

Why couldn’t we explore jungles, discover beaches, observe wildlife, learn other tongues, try new foods, examine ruins, and traverse continents? Why couldn’t that be the dream we pursue…

I don’t forgo the safe or popular route out of rebellion or spite, I take the road less traveled because it is where my heart leads me.  A very wise woman once told me to do what I’m good at.  I’m not good at a 9-5 schedule with two weeks vacation every year and holidays off.  I’m not good at thriving in mindless activity.  I AM good at making do, sorting it out, finding simple pleasures in everyday life, enjoying the unexpected, and being on the go.

So that’s what I’m gonna do!

Are ya coming with me?

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