Ok, so maybe a little granola…

When I ditched meat a few years ago, I was accused of becoming one of those granola-types (not my words!)  I denied the label and began taking special care not to reveal too much of my environment-loving, recycling, vegetarian, Sierra Club-lifestyle to new acquaintances all at once.  Not that I was ashamed of it, just that I got seriously tired of trying to explain to people that it was really none of their business what I ate or did in my spare time!  We don’t judge those that eat just the yellow M&Ms, or those that pick the peas out of their pot-pie, so why should I have to defend my habits.  Ain’t hurtin anyone.

Anyway, it has been a few years and I am finally embracing my granola-ness and even sharing some of what I’ve learned with close friends that won’t back away slowly in retreat.

But I digress….by now you have got to be wondering what does ANY of this have to do with travel?  This is a travel blog, after all!  Well, I’ll tell you.

Baking Soda.  Apple Cider Vinegar.  Coconut Oil.

These three things have eliminated at least nine, yes NINE, commercially produced, chemically laden “health/beauty” products from my hygiene routine.  Aside from freeing up some much needed gas money, there is the added benefit of less weight in the pack!

It all started with my search for a dry-shampoo to keep me feeling and looking fresh during my camping trips when I stumbled upon my new girl-crush, Crunchy Betty.

Check her out.  Google those ingredients + health or beauty for yourself.  You’ll thank me.

I’m no scientist, and I take most of what I read on the ‘net with a grain of (sea) salt, but I have always suspected that the increase of disease and ailments has a direct correlation to the increase of additives and artificial “stuff” in our diets.  I’ve not yet seen nor done nearly everything I hope to, so I think I’ll give myself a fighting chance and change a few more habits.

All things in moderation – even deep fried okra or ice cream!


Are ya coming with me?

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