Canon City or Bust!

Typically I arrive at a destination with some clue about the activities and attractions I want to enjoy.  Not this time.  This time, it was just about getting here and reconnecting with a Navy pal, Jules, I hadn’t seen nor conversed with for over seven years!  I knew she was in Colorado and I knew I liked Colorado and I knew she’d be a great hostess.  That’s all I needed!

We’ve had a great visit and I’ve discovered some great views and vistas during the past week.  One of which is from her back yard…watching the Mule Deer graze the garden, the orchard, or the roses!  Only fun if you weren’t counting on eating that pumpkin…or the grapes…or the apricots!

In an effort to be a good house-guest and to always learn something new, I’m encouraging all of my hosts to put me to work.  Jules is an avid gardener and has introduced me to the wonders of grilled fresh artichoke and broccoli (yes, Mom – I ACTUALLY enjoyed the broccoli!), the art of freezing breaded fresh okra, and the joys of canned fruit preserves!  Surprisingly, the ginger apricot is a favorite so far!

But it hasn’t been all work!  Even the five mile walks along the Arkansas River Walk in town and Tunnel Drive have been fun!  The Gold Belt Byway Tour starts in Canon City and leads you by a few different routes to Cripple Creek, CO.  Cripple Creek is great for a day trip – or if you like to play poker, a weekend visit!  What started out as a mining town in the late 1800s is now a prosperous little casino town with great history.  You MUST check out The Old Homestead House Museum

It was in Cripple Creek that I was wowed at the sheer VOLUME of historical artifacts on display.  The South just doesn’t seem to have as much stuff to show off.  hmph.  Can’t imagine why!

Because I am too rushed and discombobulated to actually post some photos here, feel free to check them out on my FB page here!  Friend, like, subscribe, or post a comment or recommendation!

Stay tuned for Canon City week two:  Royal Gorge Train tour, Great Sand Dunes, a grumpy guy’s castle, and Stoned Gods!

3 thoughts on “Canon City or Bust!

  1. Hi Donna….Just caught up on the beginnings of your ventures….I am sooo jealous….How much FUN! You are already missed in big LaGrange and I will keep seeing what you are up to…..Gald Jordan got to school ok and you survived sending your baby out into the BIG world… Keep us posted…I am definitely living through the world of Donna right now….Miss ya! Tammy Sellers


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