Skyline Drive – Or how to stretch the comfort zone…

So, I purposefully set out for this drive on my way back into Canon City from the Royal Gorge Park along US 50. I meant to do it, knew I was gonna do it, knew what it was, and yet…I was so absorbed in the adrenaline and the view that I took no good photos.

That’s something I have begun to realize is a problem. I often get so caught up in the moment that I just forget to snap pics. That’s why I buy postcards – the professionals always do a better job anyway. But having no photos left me with a problem… I love to write, readers love to read, but travel blog readers really like photos, too.  So the dilemma was a) don’t blog it and pretend it didn’t happen or b) blog it, but without photos or c) none of the above.

So, as any good Google user will, I found this awesome website description of the drive with some great photos, too.

I knew it was a narrow drive high above the town, but I didn’t realize it was one of those uppy downy ones that prevents you from seeing the road in front of you.  I pulled off just near the top of the first disappearing road crest place, pretty near where you can supposedly find dinosaur footprints on the wall, and took in the view.  Okay, I also walked over to make sure there really was a road on the other side!

Skyline Drive – not something I ever have to do again!

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