Hiking thru?

Over the course of the past two months I’ve been met with enthusiasm, envy, and even dismay from people I’ve encountered in my travels.  Not all of it coming from the expected places.

We all choose our paths for different reasons.  Some of us take the path of least resistance – going with the flow because it’s what we know; some of us design our own path and feel compelled to follow it despite the hills and scrambles; some of us take the circular path until a speed bump knocks us into a different direction; and still others take the overgrown path with a poorly marked trail head because we are curious.

No matter your path – it is yours.  So long as you employ simple courtesy along the way, use common sense and maybe a compass, you are likely to be safe and even pleased with the view along the way.  But that’s where the compass and the common sense comes in – and even the courtesy.  You have to check in with yourself every now and then.  How’s the breathing?  Anything hurt?  Are you stopping often enough to enjoy the surroundings or are you plunging through head down at a deafening pace?  What happens when you find someone along your path that you don’t think is suited for it?  Do you demean them for their choice?  Or do you offer gentle guidance and support?

What about when you reach the end of your path?  Was it an out and back or a round-trip?  Did you get anywhere or are you back where you started?  Does it matter?  Did you enjoy it?  Did you grow in some way from the experience?  Would you do it again?

I started this most recent path only two months ago.  I check in with myself constantly. I acknowledge that it is a bit rough and not suited for everyone. Such a loopy path with frequent spurs and scrambles seems senseless and dangerous to some.  And the frivolity of it seems selfish to others.  But it is mine, and I am enjoying it, and I’ve learned something new every day – about the world and about myself.  I’ve made new friends, I’ve reconnected with old ones, and I’ve said hello and goodbye to others that I may never see again.

Give more than you take
Live simply
Learn everyday

Are ya coming with me?

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