Ray-Bans succumb to chaos…

After 10 years of faithful service to my eyeballs, my most treasured sunglasses are lost to this world – a casualty of the chaos of disaster recovery, they did not survive Team Rubicon Region IV OP: Mississippi Mudcat.

Scarred, chipped, and a bit gnawed upon at the earpiece they served and preserved my sight well with their polarized glare reduction and often served dual purposes by holding my hair out of my face.

They were a well-traveled accessory, taking their first trans-oceanic flight in the wee days of January 2003 where they first looked out the window of a military transport down at the speck of ancient lava that would be home for the better part of three years. Here, the sturdy appliance would survive many trips to the beach, coconut bike rides, and HHH runs and would wait patiently for my return to the Chief’s club to retrieve them after a long afternoon turned into a long night. Later, they would travel to Japan, Europe, and points all across the US, often being left on tables or in strange cars only to be recovered after frantic searches. Although well loved and adored, they suffered many bumps, drops, and crushes throughout their life. Sadly, there are few recorded images of my treasured optic heroes, as they were most often on my side of the camera lens.

I do not recall the exact moment nor circumstances of this tragic loss, though there was a distinct moment when I realized I would never see them, nor through them, again. The painstaking search for their replacement will begin at noon on Saturday February 23, 2013. Memorials in lieu of flowers are being accepted by paypal on my behalf. 

Jan 10, 2015 (update): I just realized I never updated this. I now sport a fun, breezy pair of Maui Jim’s whenever there is sun. But it was one rainy day in March 2013 while running errands with my Aunt and wearing my trusty purple Mermot rain jacket that I burst out with a “Holy shit!” and pulled the Ray Bans from the pocket. Yep, they came home!  They are now safely ensconced in the sunglasses tray of the zoom zoom relegated to ready reserve status in case Maui Jim ever goes AWOL!

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