New Year, New Look

I’m playing around with some new ideas for the blog site. I used to think I wanted to publish my own magazine, so that sounds like a fun theme format. It’ll take me some time to get it right, so please be patient. Hoping to have a few “pages” that reflect the things I usually tend to write about: Travel (of course), Introspective ramblings, food (cooked or reviews of places), and I always seem to have thoughts on customer service/business interactions but I’m not sure where that fits in.  I welcome your feedback!

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Look

  1. You are an amazing person with worldly and extremely honest experiences! I will look forward to following your blog! I think you should however get in the real business of providing real and honest feedback to businesses by location …with no motivation this feedback is powerful! We go out where service is good PERIOD! You will do awesome and We will follow you!

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    1. Thanks Jen! For now, I’ve linked to my Trip Advisor profile where I have started posting reviews. I use that and Yelp religiously when I don’t have personal recommendations. But yeah, the consumer and business professional inside me can’t help but muse about some of the experiences I have out there in the world of commerce. Customer service is such and easy and vital thing – it irks me when they don’t get it right! Thanks again for the comment and the endorsement!


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