So what’s this blog about, anyway?

That’s a questions I’ve asked myself many times over the past few months. I love to write, but much of my musing borders on journal material and not really blog material. So I’m working on honing my skills. If you’ve been following me for a while, you already know what I mean. Take this intro for example…I’ve blogged for three years but never really said why or about what!

Mostly, I’ll blog about my experiences if I think there’s something someone else can learn from it or be inspired, or at the very least entertained. Most of my experiences will be travel related, as I just don’t sit still very well. I recently learned that I’m a mid-lifer. I’m also a single mom empty-nester and Navy Veteran. I’ve crafted an odd lifestyle of couchsurfing and do-gooding that keeps me away from my stuff for large chunks of time – enough that I just don’t have a housekey of my own.

I’m happy you are along for the ride. I hope we have lots of fun adventures. Maybe we’ll even change the world in our own small way. We’ll definitely learn things. The places we go may not be exotic, but they’ll be new to us or we’ll be experiencing them in a different way than we did last time and we will meet the neatest people along the way!

2 thoughts on “So what’s this blog about, anyway?

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