Why are YOU here?

In hopes of reinvigorating my blogging efforts and finding more focus in my writing, I’ve enrolled in a Blogging 101 course. You’ll notice my three years late “what’s this blog about” piece posted a few days ago – that was one of our first assignments.

Today, we are challenged with defining our audience and writing a blog to that “person.” I struggled with this for a while and mulled it over during an awesome morning hike, then again later while relaxing by a pool on a sunny afternoon in Full Moon in the MorningArizona. I finally think I’ve settled on it. YOU are my audience. It started small, mostly only those people related to me or curious about my whereabouts because they didn’t want me just popping up on their front porch! But it has grown over the past years, and now I’m followed by people I don’t even know. Some of it is out of courtesy. I recognize that and appreciate it greatly!

But for those of you that have stuck around from the beginning or recently decided to click that “follow” button because you saw something you liked I truly hope that you are getting something out of my ramblings. Maybe you became inspired to try something you’d always dreamed of doing. Or maybe you just laughed at a random experience because you’ve had the exact same one. Or maybe you were reminded of a place long-ago visited through one of my road trips. Maybe you learned something – about the world or about yourself. Whatever the reason, I thank you for spending your precious time consuming my words.

I genuinely try to live simply, learn something every day, and leave more than I take (in a good way!) and through those efforts, I am sometimes inspired to write and share my experience. I’m not perfect. The places I go have been well-traveled and probably IMG_0037[1]even well-written about and photographed. My life hasn’t been shaped by personal tragedy or devastating illness. I’m not an expert at anything. I’m simply me. And if there is something I write or share that grabs you in some way and makes a positive impact in your life – then I am happy.

And for those that can’t remember how or why they got here…this rabbit hole is for you!

4 thoughts on “Why are YOU here?

    1. Thanks dadojodest! I popped over to your blog and love the concept! I went no-poo for a while but fell off the wagon because the vinegar I was using kept leaking in my travel bags!! Following you for renewed inspiration!


      1. Vinegar and baking soda did not work well in my hair (the blond highlights are a tad orangey red). I am working on another one and when I get it perfected I do plan to post it. Tks for popping over to my blog. I am learning and having fun.


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