I’ve got big plans…

I’ve been exploring for the past few weeks. Exploring the Desert Southwest of Arizona, exploring ideas for my blog, exploring opportunities for the next few months and exploring old road trip memories. So all that exploring means I haven’t been doing much posting. But I’ll be fixing that. First, let’s bring you up to date.


Exploring Arizona: I’ve had an awesome time with my Mom over the past week as we’ve wandered Tonto National Forest and areas around Mesa, AZ. I borrowed her truck and found my way to Jerome and Sedona and will head further north to see that big ditch in a few days. Today there are horses, so there’s sure to be something to say about that! Look for more posts and pics…soon. I promise!

Ideas for the blog: Mom’s been work camping for the past eight months and I think it’s such a neat way to live and see the world, so I’ve been talking to others that do it and I’ll be sharing some of their stories here in a series yet to be named or tagged. I’ve got big plans for this material…but it’s early days. Still, I will be sharing, soon…I promise!

Opportunities for the coming months: I’ll be on the move. After the past 18 months of mostly work and little play, though I did get in some fun travels, I’ll be finally getting back to what I set out to do when kiddo flew the coup. I’ve found some awesome seasonal work in our National Parks – some of it only slightly out of my comfort zone, but all of it fun and rewarding and ripe for writing about!  I’ve got a few service trips to lead, some train-the-trainer and first aid courses to IMG_0121[1]complete, then I’m hitting the trails!  This will tie in nicely to that work camping series I mentioned, too!

Old road trip memories: After seeing all the hype about Route 66 (still not sure where that shoe-shop was) I recalled that I’ve traveled a chunk of the lesser glorified US 50. It was early days in my empty nesting and I was still feeling my way. I hit a few obstacles along the way that seems to have prevented me from writing about some of the awesome places and people I encountered. So those are coming…Promise. Just gotta get back to where that thumb drive full of pictures is.

IMG_0177[1]And speaking of pictures, you can thank my dear friend Brad for the enhanced images you’ll be seeing with new posts. An early, and spectacular, birthday gift of a real camera! Maybe I’ll even learn how to use it!

So there it is, all in writing. That’s like a contract, right? You now have a reasonable expectation that I’ll do a thing and tell you about it. And I hate letting people down. Are you as excited as I am about 2015?

Are ya coming with me?

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