Women Weeding in the Wild!

Twelve awesome women choosing to spend their hard earned time and money to pull weeds in Anza Borrego Desert State Park I do it for fun, and because I really do believe in what the Sierra Club stands for, and because I can! Join me on my next trip To Hell and Back!

When I went on my first volunteer vacation, where I planted grass in the desert of Big Bend SP in Texas, many of my friends and most of my family thought I was a nut. But I got hooked. To me, there’s no better way to get to know a place than to get your hands dirty in it. Working alongside local agency reps, watching the tourists trek through barely stopping to smell the flowers, just hoping to glimpse some of the “must see” wildlife.

We lived it for a week this past February on my most recent trip. We saw the Big Horn Sheep. We heard the coyotes serenading us to sleep, we felt the first rays of the sun every morning as we waited for our cowboy coffee to cook. We lived it. We got our hands dirty pulling mustard and digging out fountain grass. We even did a little good and made new friends. We saw beautiful wild flowers bloom right in front of us. We felt hummingbirds zip by our heads. We did yoga in our hiking boots.  We learned. We laughed.

Enjoy the photos! (And no…I don’t recall many of the names of the flowers!)

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