A morning reflection

Indigo in bloom

Settling into savasana I see the brightening sky above me and, there, just at the lower edge of my field of vision are the tops of the mountains where we saw the Bighorn Sheep the day before. They are still brownish grey, but the shadows slowly come to life as the sun creeps into the morning sky. The distinct but indescribable scent of the indigo plant wafts over me as a light breeze cools the left side of my face where the sun has been warming me. My eyes gently closing, I hear the teacher.

“Let your breath relax. Still your mind.”

Who can focus on breath with this territorial hummingbird whizzing around? There must be a nest nearby, as we’ve been under attack all during our asanas this morning.  Is that a rock I’m laying on?

“Notice your feet – thank them for grounding you in your practice this morning.” I really should have taken my boots off before we started.

“If your mind wanders, bring it back to your breath…” I take a deep breath, letting it fill my core and slowly release it. It’s nice here. Here in this sand in this desert with these people doing this yoga before we go to work. These women that have given of their time and their energy to come together to do good. And we are doing good. Not just the nasty mustard, but for each other. I’m surrounded by six other women also laying in the cool sand, feeling the sun, listening to the bees and the hummingbirds, the gentle breaths. I didn’t know these women five days ago. They didn’t know me, yet they trusted me. They committed to do a thing and they showed up and we are doing it. A tear escapes the corner of my right eye, joy filling my heart.


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