Casino Coffee

You don’t always know where your next cup of coffee is going to come from (I know, I know…first world problem!), but you know you have to have it . When I’m road-tripping, it becomes necessary for survival. So you suffer through the bitter and stale because it’s necessary. This morning, as I sit sipping mediocre, but hot and fresh coffee in the hotel lobby, listening to the jingles and chimes of the slot machines and saying good morning to at least two people that were sitting at the same slot machines when we checked in, I am amused at how I got here:

After an 18-hour day of cross-country flying, public transit with two full packs, and driving a rental car over 350 miles, we had no clue where we would end up staying much less what kind of coffee access we would have in the morning. The irony is that the SUV was full of food and camping supplies to feed 12 people for a week.

We’d arrived in Winnemucca with a traveler’s appetite and were only focused on one thing…finding the pizza joint we had seen advertised on billboards for the past ten miles.
After two u-turns and a pissed off Google map voice, we finally found Winnemucca pizzeria. We sat and enjoyed what was the best pizza and beer ever consumed. Two beers in, our thoughts eventually turned to finding a room for the night. Using the usual aids like Priceline and Travelocity we settled on a Quality Inn. It was close by, decent rates, and got good reviews. Sold.

Our excitement waned as Google maps led us to a casino. Our hotel, as are apparently all of them in this town, was attached to a casino. My mind immediately starting judging all of the online reviewers for not mentioning this important tidbit. The smell of stale smoke and spilled liquor was heavy and made me dread going through the hotel hallway to our room.

But I was exhausted and so this is where we stayed. Not to turn this into a yelp review, but this was probably the nicest budget motel I’d ever stayed in. Nampa wouldn’t be so kind, but we will always remember the margaritas and table side guacamole!

Are ya coming with me?

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