Quotes from the Trail

Since I travel alone, I often hike alone. Well, not alone really…there are often others on the trails, but none that I claim as a hiking buddy. No one that would appreciate my banter as we trek along. So I talk to myself, or my walking stick, or to the other people on the trail once they are out of ear shot.

If you had been with me in Sequoia National Park this week, here are a few things you would have heard me say:

OMGOMGOMG, it’s a bear. A BEAR. I’m seeing a bear. Thank GOD it’s way over there! If it’s hungry, it’ll eat those other people, they are a lot closer…and they look slow.

Yep, it does. And apparently on the trail, too.

Great smell! IMG_1283[1]

Is THAT the trail?


Is there anything UNDER this ledge? Nevermind, I don’t want to know!


Holy shit I almost hit a bear! Two bears!  How is it possible that on my first day in bear country, I’ve now seen four bears? This doesn’t bode well for my summer. Maybe I’ve met my quota? IMG_1279[1]

Oh, look. There’s my phone. Right where I left it over an hour ago.


Can I shut your kid up please….

Can I borrow your oxygen. Please!

You should come with me sometime! Hopefully we won’t see any bears! Until then, I’ll keep walking and talking and constructing stories in my head to share with you later. That’s what I do. I talk to YOU!

Happy Trails!

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Are ya coming with me?

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