Home Sweet Home

Home is such a subjective concept. I cringe when people ask me “where’s home?” or “where are you from?” I know it’s a conversation starter, an easy and safe question because everyone has a home, right? But still, I’d much rather tell you about the last trail I hiked, or the next place I’m going, or the best meal I had last week.

Alas, I’ve begun a photo blogging course and this is our first assignment (and let’s face it, I haven’t posted anything in the past week or so anyway, so I’m way overdue!). My answer to the question “where’s home” is typically “Right here for the moment!” because I try to make myself at home wherever I go. I try to find a way to connect to the place I’m in – sometimes it’s inside, sometimes it’s a tent and sometimes it’s my car.


Home for the past week has been a tiny 6×10′ bunkroom tucked into the upper floor of the Clair Tappaan Lodge in Norden, Ca (just north of Lake Tahoe). It’s a bit messy, but it’s really only used for sleeping and storing my stuff. I’ve been volunteering here and doing some hiking and just generally exploring the area. But it’s home for now.



Where I feel most at peace is the ocean – so maybe that’s home? IMG_1358





Or maybe it’s where my family is – spread over the southeast US?

Or maybe it’s where my mail goes?

Or maybe it’s the address on my driver’s license?

Or maybe it’s where I go when I’m not anywhere else?

Or maybe it’s where the hear is. And your heart should be in anything you do, so that brings us back to here and now. Sitting in the lodge living room looking out over the alpine meadow, listening to the creaking floors and being in awe of the 90 year history of this place. I hiked, I helped in the kitchen, I watered the plants, and now I’m sipping tea. Yep. This is home for now.

’til next time!



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