What a summer – 10 things I learned

It’s been a crazy summer! When I look back through my photos it’s hard to believe that (just) four months ago I was dropping kiddo off at the airport after a brief visit and heading west. I blazed through the south and stopped to catch my breath in New Mexico, then moseyed up through central California until I got to Olympia, Washington. The San Juan Islands were my turn-around point, then I headed south, stopping in Donner Pass, hopping over to the coast then finally to Utah where I stopped for a full five weeks before driving to Yellowstone to end the summer. Along the way, I visited old friends, made a few new ones, hung out with my RV-ing mom in Barstow and had a fabulous girls weekend in Yosemite. I got dusty on the trails around Cedar Breaks, dipped my toes in the Colorado River, bought a car and sold a house. What I haven’t done is very much writing. I think I lost my muse somewhere between Tahoe and Cedar City but we are finding our way back to each other.

But I have learned a lot this summer. Mostly about myself. Hopefully I will refer to this list when making plans for next year!

  1. If there is even the possibility of getting wifi or a data signal, I will drive 45 miles down a mountain to get it at least every other day.
  2. Once you lose confidence in your car to get you up a hill, it’s time to say goodbye. (unless you live in Fl where there aren’t any hills)
  3. I am capable of wielding a Pulaski, and using it effectively, for several days straight but much prefer the McLeod!
  4. The majority of visitors to our National Parks (in general) are oblivious to Leave No Trace ethics….and common sense.
  5. I need ocean in my life at least once every couple of months.
  6. It is possible to be homesick, even when you don’t have a real “home.”
  7. I must have access to a kitchen…or at least a refrigerator if in a place for more than five days.
  8. Dealing with the DMV via phone and email is almost more painful than standing in line in person.
  9. Mindless wandering is only fun for so long and on occasion – I need purpose and goals and direction, maybe even a project to really enjoy the adventures.
  10. I would absolutely and without doubt do this entire summer again (minus the house selling thing!)

What did you learn about yourself this summer? What adventures would you repeat?

2 thoughts on “What a summer – 10 things I learned

  1. It is a great idea to incorporate your summer experience in this Writing 101 assignment. 🙂 I bet you have an awesome summer experience. Though there are some people you could always hate because they don’t mind their trashes. Hmm. 🙂

    By the way, you may want to read my list: http://wp.me/p4ZhSl-cX. 🙂

    Good luck on your writing journey!

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