Writing 101: The Space to Write

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.
-Ernest Hemingway

Writing is the one area of my life where I’ve yet to feel like I know what I’m doing. In most of my other endeavors, with maybe a little effort and modest instruction I quickly feel like I can do it well. With writing, I feel like I’m starting at the beginning every time I sit at my keyboard.

Today’s #writing101 prompt has me taking a good look at my writing practice, something I’ve done repeatedly over the past year, but from a different perspective. The actual physical act of sitting to write is not something I’ve thought much about, but am quickly realizing that it may be a critical piece to my lack of consistency over the past months.

To my dismay, I don’t have a solid writing habit. I am constantly composing themes and witty anecdotes in my head, and while many of them actually make it into my OneNote app, few of them ever see a “publish” button on this blog. There is no lack of content, that’s for sure. There is, however, a lack of writing…and it frustrates me. So let’s figure this out!

Looking back over the past year, my best writing has happened on a cozy couch with a mug of coffee. I can be productive in a coffee shop, or even a library, but it always seems to be an early-morning-with-coffee activity.  I’ve been doing a lot of “work” on other people’s schedules in the past few months, so my mornings haven’t always been free, so I’ve tried many times to force myself into a blog post “after work” but it never pans out. It seems the day’s activities cloud my thoughts and there are too many mental errands to check off the list before I can write. I’ve been frustrated by this, as I’ve always thought of myself as a night-owl – getting most of my “stuff” done in the late hours of the day…but writing seems to demand a different atmosphere and energy. Interesting.

I don’t have a fancy notebook or pen and my on-the-go lifestyle demands that I travel light, so having a laptop is really all I need. I have posted using my smartphone, in a pinch – but those have been highly time-sensitive and impossible to resist thoughts that just must be shared NOW!  I have realized that I do need wifi. I need to be able to look up the word, the place name, the ingredient, the THING that only google can answer in order to complete a post. If I ever start an article and have to leave it for later, it rarely gets published. So – you’ve learned something here, almost every item you read on this blog is a one-and-done thing. Links, photos, content…all of it in one shot!

I think better when I have background noise to block out – but it has to be a podcast or a non-scripted tv show. Music and sitcoms are too distracting. Even as a kid, I did my homework while the television was running in the background. Coffee shops are ok, but I will often wear earbuds to dull the sound. Library’s are too quiet, so I’ll stream something in the background. I just need to be comfortable….feet tucked under me on a soft chair or couch, or even a bed, as I’m writing from now.

So it would seem that if I’m going to make a habit of this writing thing – I need to plan some solid “couch time” into my life. I think I’ll test that theory this weekend!  A friend recently told me that she loves when I write about customer experiences or other travelers…what do you like to read from me? Leave a comment below, or “Like” a post you’ve really enjoyed!

Happy Travels!

4 thoughts on “Writing 101: The Space to Write

  1. I also am a fire and forget writer. One and done seems to fit my mood most of the time. I wait for the day where I would feel energized to novel it out or even dive into a story. Hasn’t hit me yet, but the stars are aligning. Thanks for sharing your space!

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    1. I try to look at is as if we are “readying the space” getting our stuff in place, honing our skills, getting rid of the fluff…that way, when it does hit, we will be ready and have no excuse! Thanks for commenting!


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