Loving the Liebster Nod!

Wow! I love seeing the little WP notification symbol on my phone, it’s like a little external validation that something I wrote was read and prompted an action of some sort, usually a polite comment or a quiet “like”. So imagine my surprise when I opened the app last week and saw that Janine, who blogs at Life of Janine, had nominated me for the Liebster Award!


The Liebster is a peer nominated award in the blogging world used to help promote under-followed blogs and share the love among each other.  A blogger can accept it or move on without consequence, but I chose to accept it…because, why not!?!  I’ll answer Janine’s questions first, then list my nominations and questions. Click the Liebster icon up there for a handy link to a history of the award and some variations on it.

  • How did you get into blogging?
    • I started a travel blog to keep my family updated during a mother-son backpacking trip through Europe about six years ago. It grew from there!
  • Do you labour over your writing, or post freely as you have an idea?
    • Both. When ideas are flowing, I post freely and frequently, then when they dry up, I feel an obligation to my readers to keep posting, so I sometimes struggle with quality content. Mostly I just don’t post if it isn’t what I think is “good.”
  • Are you an iPhone photographer, or do you use a ‘real’ camera?
    • No i-anythings here, but I do use my awesome HTC M9 and a fabulous Cannon PS. The “real” camera is mostly used when I’m hiking or out being a touristy type. The phone is used to snap that “must get this image recorded NOW” type situation.
  • Of the posts you have written, which one is your favourite?
    • ‘Tis the Sea is one that sticks out…one of those purely inspired-in-the -moment pieces that reveals a bit about me…and to me.
  • If you had a clone, what task or role would you pass along to her?
    • Reading and being a good neighbor to other bloggers. I want to, I love it when I take the time to do it, and I definitely see the value in it, but I just can’t ever seem to find the time.
  • Do you have a hidden talent, and if so, what is it?
    • Hidden? Not that I know of. Unexpected? Maybe.  I’m a Jill of many trades, so sometimes it is a surprise to newcomers to my life that I can differentiate between surface and air search radars or install/repair common household wiring.
  • Do you have a bucket list? If so, please share something from it.
    • I don’t. It’s too much like a to-do list. I don’t like those either!
  • Is there anything new you would like to learn, or you’re planning to learn?
    • I think one day I’ll learn to crochet. My grandmother has always done it, and I’d like to carry on her craft!
  • Favourite place you have visited (place, city, country, part of the world)?
    • Today, it’s Driggs Idaho. That’s where I happen to be at the moment. Quaint ski town with a farmer’s market, mountains in the background, mild temps, and the best little cottage I’ve slept in with access to a kitchen and fresh food.
  • What would you do on your perfect day if you had no obligations?
    • Wake early, write while sipping french press coffee, nap a little, take a walk, cook a delicious meal, sip some wine and read. (in no particular order!)
  • What was the inspiration for the name of your blog?
    • Seems it’s what my family is always asking as soon as I get back from one adventure, knowing I’ll soon be off on another. Not only does it capture the wanderlusty travel nature of my blog, but also the random stream of consciousness wandering that my mind takes even when I’m sitting still!

Whew, that was fun…and a little hard!  Now the fun part – I get to nominate a few blogs for you to check out! Quite honestly, I have no idea if these have more or less than 500 followers…that’s a number that’s hard to find. I suspect some may have a few more than 500, but I like them and I want to share them. So here they are:

  • Kristen over at True Boots advocates for military veterans and civilians affected by war and posts blogs and essays about her experiences and causes she believes in. She’s doing great things in the non-blog world too! Definitely someone to watch!
  • Thatscoralynn is a fun blog exploring mind, belly, adventure and body through Cora’s journey. She’s ambitious and driven, but very well balanced at such a young age. Inspiring!
  • Wendy’s blogs are usually spiritual, often have great photographs, and frequently very insightful and helpful. Take a look at vientoweathers!
  • Kristen (a different one!) blogs about her travels at Skyward Eyes. Her posts are a fun easy read with great photos!
  • Pattie Baker is a writer and photographer, and avid getter-into-things that I love! See what she’s up to now at Pattie Baker, Story Maker, her new blog site. And if you are ever in Atlanta, maybe you can join her for a bike ride!
  • Follow the Dailey family as they drop everything and travel the world with their children!

Eleven questions? Okay…

  1. When is the last time you were just a tourist? No agenda, no business, no “must find a thing to write about”, just a tourist. Where was it?
  2. Where will you be tomorrow? Business or fun? (Hopefully both!)
  3. What the best thing you ever wrote? Did you share it publicly?
  4. Cats or Dogs?
  5. What’s the hardest thing about blogging for you?
  6. Why did you choose to accept the Liebster Award?
  7. What was the most recent silly thing you did? Something just purely for fun and possibly out of character for you?
  8. How would you describe your writing habit?
  9. What are your hopes for readers of your blog?
  10. Paper and pen, or just a keyboard?
  11. How frequently do you comment on other bloggers posts?

Hope ya’ll have as much fun with this is I did. And if you chose to pass, I totally get it!



2 thoughts on “Loving the Liebster Nod!

  1. Thanks for the nod Donna! I’ve been thinking I need to post something & this will be a fun challenge. I always enjoy reading your posts. You are truly skilled at the craft. I don’t have the wit that you’re so good at but I do enjoy writing. I can’t wait to hear about your next adventure & hope to see you soon!

    Liked by 1 person

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