Let’s grab coffee…


I love coffee dates! I often catch up with long-distance friends over coffee from our respective cozy couches, and when I pop into town where an acquaintance lives we will likely meet over coffee. So this morning, I invite you to pour a mug of the freshest roast you have (make sure to have more handy!) and tell me all about what’s new with you!  While yours is brewing, I’ll update you on my latest goings-on!

I’ve been enjoying a seasonal work position in Yellowstone since July, working at the front desk at Yellowstone’s Grant Village Lodge. It’s been a great “jumping off” spot for other travels in the area. Places I probably wouldn’t have visited otherwise, like Jackson Hole, Billings, Bozeman…and my current digs in Driggs (lol!). I rented a cute little cottage so I could get some cooking and writing done, and discovered a quaint little town with great restaurants and a walk-able downtown!

After almost six months on the road, it’ll be nice to get back to family.  I’ve definitely missed them, and the creature comforts of home. A few weeks ago, I posted a list of things I learned this summer, you can read that here. It hasn’t been all work, though. I’ve had great fun visiting friends, seeing some awesome sights, and doing a lot of hiking. A few friends even joined me in Yosemite for a girl’s weekend.  Here – take a look at a few pics!

I wish I’d done more writing, but as a respected write recently told me, I’ve been living – and that’s the precursor to writing. Just because I didn’t type it all out and hit “publish” doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

Yep, I’m already planning for next year! But there’s still a few months left in this one – a trip to Fort Wayne, a Habitat Build with Mom, Thanksgiving with Family…and hopefully a fun holiday trip with Kiddo!?!  Nope, I don’t think I’ll do the “real job” thing again. I’m fortunate I guess…I mean I did work for this pension and I did miss out on a lot with all the deployments and years over seas, but it wasn’t all for nothing. I like to think of it as practicing for retirement. A friend asked me on FB recently if I do this (travel frequently) for work. My reply…

“Nope. I do it for life!”

Let’s do this again soon!

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