A gathering of people

Who are your people? Where do you find them? Do they seek you or do you seek them? Or do you just recognize them at random encounters? Or do you assume you are alone in the world and tuck away hoping to be found by them?

Last October, after several months of travel and being with “others” I was missing my people. Those women I’ve bonded with over the years who embody adventure and creativity, those intelligent generous souls and seekers of knowledge, the women who motivate me by just being themselves and honoring their talents. Those who I’d only met briefly and during frantic occasions but who I knew were my people. The ones with whom I’d spent months in far away places and then lost touch. The ones I’d grown to know through my professional life, my life as a mom, and my life as a nomad. I needed to reconnect with them. And I suspected they would welcome a respite.

So I booked the house and sent the invite.


Three months later, surrounded by an inspiring assortment of eight women from all walks of life, I asked “Who are your people?”



“those that live in the now”



“those on the fringes”



“the open minded”

I knew all but two of them and one only through social media, two of them only knew me, two others only knew each other, three didn’t know the other four and yet within hours of arriving we all knew each other. We all somehow fit into each definition of each other’s people. Like likes like.

A woman reinventing her life after loss.

Another just taking a much needed break from a year of study and professional transition.

One learning to take care of herself.

Several hoping to focus on creative efforts.

A few yearning to reconnect to their creative side.

Some hoping to make new friends.

Each embracing the quiet moments punctuated by the crashing surf just steps away from the cozy living room. Spending the day in thought or a good book or with tools of their craft and letting go of expectations and worry. Each coming together every evening to share a meal and a story, to reveal a bit more of themselves…maybe even to themselves.

There was wine and good food.

Epiphanies and ahas.

A blustery storm in the evening hours.

Surfers to watch.

Belly laughs.


Quiet coziness.

Colorful art.

Meaningful prose.

Sharing of ideas.

Sleeping and lazy slumber.

Tucked in to my little corner of the sofa, feeling the house sway in the wind, listening to the rain pelt the house while the waves crash the shore and watching quiet movement as we all savor the last hours of our retreat I feel reconnected. Inspired. Motivated. Fulfilled. Renewed. Grateful.


2 thoughts on “A gathering of people

  1. Expectations holds us back more than anything. Letting go and being in the moment is something very few know how to do. Kudos to you


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