Test for Medium

My apologies that this ended up in your inbox. I am exploring more publishing options but needed to test a thing before committing. I’ve enjoyed reading stories over on Medium, but admittedly haven’t done any writing there. I may start – or I may keep writing here and just allowing these posts to pop over there automatically.

That’s what the test is for!  Thanks for bearing with me!

My medium channel: https://medium.com/@djweath


For what it’s worth, the experiment worked. You can set up an automatic post to Medium by using If then, then that recipe maker https://ifttt.com/   or you can import posts manually directly from into Medium account while logged into Medium.

Why Medium? It seems to reach a broader audience – not just other bloggers. It also seems to be less about personal journal type blogging and more about long form essay and opinion pieces, something I am seeking for my own work that doesn’t seem suitable or this blog. The platform is smooth and polished and allows for more interaction with out-of-network readers.When a reader likes or in Medium terminology “recommends” your post, everyone that follows that person can see that recommendation – kind of like on FB. So the potential for greater audience share is better than here on wp.

I’m still here for a bit though, just feeling out a few new options!

Are ya coming with me?

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