TBT: Big Sur edition

IMAG1065I’ve spent this past month on a different sort of adventure. I’ve been house-sitting and trying to reassure this lovely beast that his real humans are definitely returning and he’s not actually stuck with me! I don’t think he’s convinced. A few days ago he rose from his nap with purpose, and meandered into the living room where he stopped in front of the chair I was in. His tired brown eyes glared at me while he begrudgingly lifted one paw at a time onto my lap, then scooted closer so that his entire forearms were propped on my legs. Then he just put his head down as if to say “ok, I give up. I’m yours.” Or maybe, just maybe he was comforting me with a hug, as we’d had a particularly rough week and I’m certain he could sense the tension and was also tired of the interrupted routine. Either way,  it seemed to be a turning point. But he’ll be happy to know that when I leave the house later today, I’ll be bringing his real folks home. I’m sure he’d be ecstatic if he only knew!

Despite my best intentions, I haven’t published much new stuff here but I have been working in the background on some fun stuff. I’ve been researching and writing local travel articles, working on my first eBook, and getting smarter about a few topics that interest me. But most fun of all, and relevant to TBT is that I’m going on vacation! Yes, it IS possible for a traveler to take a vacation!

But this isn’t just ANY vacation!

I’m going to Maui to celebrate an Alison’s awesome 50th birthday. I wrote about Alison a few years ago. We met during a Sierra Club service trip and have become great friends since then. She’s one of those awesome people that you meet in life and immediately know “she’s a keeper”. I’ve got several of those and my life is richer for knowing them. So  enjoy my tales of Alison’s cooking while I get back to packing!


Are ya coming with me?

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