#TBT: The Vacation edition

Recently, while telling a few acquaintances  that I was packing for vacation, I was taken aback when one of them said “Wait, your LIFE is a vacation!” as if I wasn’t allowed to get away and do something fun because what I do all the time is fun?

And yes, I’ll admit that I enjoy my Traveler lifestyle, but just because the banker or the doctor or the fireman enjoys their job doesn’t mean they can’t take a vacation from it, right?

It takes a lot of work to fill 8-9 months of the year with productive and meaningful work (volunteer or seasonal jobs), find enough couches to stay on without wearing out my welcome at any one of them, and cultivating new relationships so that there are even more couches to stay on! And then there’s actually doing those things. And don’t even get me started about the stress when  a plan falls through!

I sound like I’m whining, but really I’m not. I love hearing when people say they are inspired by my travels or they live vicariously through me, but I’ve realized that I don’t always show the more mundane side which would temper that “grass is always greener” mentality just a little. Last spring, I wrote a post about a typical on-the-road day that gives a small glimpse into my roadtripping life. You can read that one here It Takes A Lot Of Planning…  So maybe I’ll start sharing a bit more of the nitty gritty, or maybe I’ll just post pics of goats. But I digress….

So, yes. I am going on vacation. I’m getting away from the things that normally occupy me. Even  more vacation-like, I only did about 20% of the planning I normally do, and I’m going with other people, and we are staying in a place with beds and showers and a kitchen and a pool (no tents involved!) And you can bet there’s a beach or two involved!

Here’s a picture of an old goat on a rock. Just because.

I won’t be gone long and I’ll probably even sneak in a little writing here or there. After all, I am a Travel Writer. Or A Writer Who Travels? Or a Traveler Who Writes…


Are ya coming with me?

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