Tell Me a Story – A test in function and a gift

Last month I had an epiphany about a new direction I wanted to take. But I also knew this wasn’t the first time that has happened, and I am a firm believer that if you keep doing the same things over and over again, you get the same results. Very often I’ll get excited about a new thing, invest time and energy (and even sometimes money) into it, jump in head first, then plug away at it for a modest amount of time only to get bored or distracted by the next shiny thing. So, I’m going in that new direction, but I’m doing it strategically. And I’m finishing a few things I started before I go all-in.

Today, I’m sharing a workbooky pdf kind of thing I’ve been puzzling over for a while. It isn’t perfect, and it kinda goes with the in the direction of the recent epiphany, but is paired with something else I’ve been puzzling over for a while this past year – eBooks, PDFs, photo books, etc and how to share, sell, distribute them in different ways.

This link should take you to a pdf workbook that can be used to capture some of the family stories often lost to time and Thanksgiving leftovers. You can simply download it and use it for inspiration or as a guide to an oral history project using a voice recorder, or you can print it at home and take notes as you listen. Or keep reading to find out how to get a pretty printed copy suitable for gifting.

Download: Tell Me a Story: Prompts for recording your family history

I already see some faults with the pdf – like why leave in the fill-in-the-blank pages when you really can’t fill them in; what’s up with the extra pages at the back; shouldn’t there be something on the back cover…yeah, I see all of that. And I thought I fixed it all before uploading. BUT my new mantra is to not let perfection impede progress, so I’m going with it. And hey, it’s free, right?

But if you really do like it and want a professionally bound copy, you can get that at my Blurb bookstore by clicking the image below. Those extra pages and fill-in-the-blanks make more sense in the paperback version!  Pretty sure you can also leave some comments or “reviews” at that link if you really like it and want to be supportive!

Your feedback on either function (downloading pdf or clicking over to the bookstore) are appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving!



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