Rethinking Time Off

Sometimes you just have to do a thing and be done with it. Sure, there’s always a better way. A more clever way. A way someone else did it that was really cool. A way to do it so you can monetize it or capitalize from it in some way…you get the idea.

That’s where I’ve been with this for the past four months. And I’m over it. I just want to share this. Everyone should enjoy their time off. My way isn’t necessarily the right way, and definitely not the only way…but it’s worked for me. Your results may vary!

Random picture of winter foliage taken on my walk yesterday. Because why not?

What’s ‘this‘, you ask? It’s a pdf booklet that shares my idea for how you can spend time off in different ways – shake things up a bit. It was born out of the question I’ve heard hundreds of times over the past four years after sharing stories of recent adventures in Yellowstone, or at a hostel in San Francisco, or in a fishing cabin near a lighthouse. “How do you find these things?”

It started as a business card. Then grew into a pamphlet. Then somewhere along the way, in line with my idea that I was going to be a lifestyle writer, I explored ways I could make you sign up for my blog to get the free download. Lucky for you, I’ve moved on from that whimsy (you can read a little bit about that lightening bolt here).

But still, the thing got created and needs to be shared. So here it is (well, down below here)…your very own downloadable .pdf copy of “Rethinking Time Off”. It’s a rainy winter day where I am, so a perfect day for dreaming about vacations or long weekends, (which, by the way, is a proven health benefit itself – the dreaming and planning…even if not the doing!)

Again – there are probably 28 different ways I could present this link in a fun, clever way…but who has time for that?  It’s a quick 12 pages – and not graphic or color heavy. For maximum effect, you may want to print the whole thing and jot notes along the way. Or, just print the planning page near the end. Or don’t print any of it. It’s your thing now!

Caution: daydreaming will occur.




Are ya coming with me?

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