An empty-nester that can’t sit still.  Too young for knitting and too restless to just sit and wait for what’s next.  Going new places, seeing and learning new things, helping others along the way, and just being me!

One of my favorite/least favorite questions is “What do you do?” Not because I think folks are noisy and it’s none of their business, but because my answer can be ten different things in a day depending on what I’m focused on at the moment. I do a lot: I write, I research, I travel, I chase dead people, I volunteer, I hike, I lead hikes, I take photos, I learn about whatever is puzzling me or intriguing to me at the moment, I take really long road trips, I dunk my toes in whatever large body of ocean is nearest as often as possible, I cook, I organize retreats, I provide business development support for non-profits…the list goes on and one, but basically….I live.

Welcome to my collection of anecdotes and general ramblings about all of the above , with a mix of travel and genealogy tips tossed in the mix. I hope you enjoy it or even get inspired to explore on your own, in your own way. 

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