Genealogy Services

While I am not currently taking research clients, I do offer several services to fellow genealogists and societies.

Record Lookups

I travel frequently and am often in Fort Wayne, Indiana; Atlanta, Ga; Pensacola, Fl and in 2017 I will spend some time in Upper Michigan. Contact me now to schedule your lookups!

The rates below do not include possible fees for parking, copying, repository access, etc. You will not usually be charged mileage if it is a repository or town I typically visit. We will discuss your record needs and my availability and come to an agreement prior to any work or fees charged. First time clients will pay a 50% retainer. The below items can be bundled if you have several lookups in the same geographic area. Contact me for details.

Repository Items (archives, genealogy libraries, societies, history libraries, etc)

  • $15 – Document retrieval only. You have the page number, volume/issue, repository call number and repository information and simply need a scanned image of up to 5 pages of content with citation details (cover/copyright page/etc). I will send digitally in .pdf or image format as requested. Usually within one week if I am already in the geographic area.
  • $25 – Document retrieval which requires me to find the item based on incomplete citation information (you are missing call number and/or volume/issue number but have enough to lead me to the item through on-site database lookup). Also documents which require special handling , are more than 5 pages, or require expedited return or special formatting. Usually within one week if I am already in the geographic area.
  • $50/hour/person – Repository treasure hunting. You have done no prior research to discover what the repository has on hand, but have a target person or persons you wish for me to gather available resources on. I will use onsite databases to discover what is available and will send you a complete list of results and digital images of the relevant content, as well as necessary information for your citations. Additional persons or family groups require further negotiation.

Vital and other “community” records

Retrieving vital records, cemetery ownership files or tombstone images, tax records etc can be more involved and more time consuming. I am happy to offer these services for areas I travel frequently or will be staying for some time. The rates are generally $40/hour but may vary depending on your needs, prior research, and my proximity to the location.

Lectures and Presentations

Contact me today to schedule a presentation for your next meeting or conference. I have extensive experience with public speaking and adult learning and also a strong passion for helping others succeed – so sharing my genealogy experiences, tips, and anecdotes is a joy for me. Below are a few of the current topics available and most can be tailored to your time allotment and agenda. Speaker Fees are negotiable.


  • Finding Gold in Copper Country – Genealogy resources in Michigan’s Upper PeninsulaStarting with one photo and a name, we’ll explore unique local resources to trace copper miner Abbot Childs back in time and build out his family tree.
  • From Cornwall to Calumet – Copper Mining brings immigrants and pioneers from all over. The Michigan mining boom Peninsula brought investors, miners, rail workers, lighthouse keepers, and canal diggers from Boston, Finland, Cornwall and many other places.
  • Gee Thanks, Aunt Connie! – What to do with the file drawers full of research. An overview of a genealogy do-over. Whether you inherited the files or created them yourself, get tips on what’s useful and how to condense and preserve.
  • What about now? Do your descendants the favor yours didn’t do for you! It’s great to prove your kinship back to Scottish Jacobites, but will your descendants know your favorite band from high school?
  • Visiting the Allen County Genealogy Center – what to do before you go and where to get a great grilled cheese!
  • Planning a research trip to the Pensacola, FL Genealogy Library

Are ya coming with me?

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